The Orphanage ~

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The Orphanage ~

Innlegg Nelly D. Elanta » 31 Mar 2010 14:29

Jeg skriver historie. På engelsk. Det skjønte dere sikkert ut ifra emne. I hvert fall så har jeg veldig lyst til å vite hva dere synes om selve historien. Jeg har enda ikke kommet så langt, men nå skal jeg på en hytte uten internettforbindelse i påska, så da får jeg sikkert skrevet masse. Det jeg heller ikke regner med er at folk gidder å lese det jeg skriver, ikke bare på grunn av at det er på engelsk, men det er ikke alle som gidder å ta seg tid til å lese noe som helst. Anyway, jeg setter stor pris på at du leser, selv om du ikke skriver hva du synes. Men det hadde vært enda bedre. Tusen takk.

Jeg er ikke helt ferdig enda. Historien er under romantic fiction, men det kommer til å komme sterke scener i den også. Voldelige scener, kanskje. Jeg er ikke sikker enda. Som jeg har sagt så har jeg ikke kommet så langt. Jeg har handlingen i hodet og foreløpig har jeg alt under kontroll. Og jeg må bare si det; selve hovedhandlingen kommer ikke til å begynne før i andre kapitlet, hvis ikke senere. Tror det var alt. Hvis ikke redigerer jeg innlegget senere. Takk.

Og hvis noen lurer om jeg har kopiert dette fra YWS (en engelsk nettside for unge skrivere), så kan jeg forsikre dere om at jeg er bubblegum.

Living among enemies.

~ Dette er ikke en prolog, men noe kind of..

It all started when I turned ten years old. Two days after my birthday my sister died in a car accident. She was supposed to wait in the car with me to our parents had finished shopping, but she didn’t want to wait that long. She went out of the car and ran towards the entrance doors, but before she came that far she got hit by a car. I ran after her but she was already dead. I loved my sister more than anyone in this world. I lived through her. We didn’t have one fight with each other and shared absolutely everything. We were twins. She was my life.
When I turned eleven I lost my dad. He moved to another country. The real reason was that he stopped loving my mom. I don’t think he loved her at all. He didn’t seem to care what she did or what my sister and I did. All he did was sitting at his butt watching television. Sometimes he drank alcohol and got drunk. After those nights I had bruises all over my body. People at school started to wonder what was going on and I couldn’t tell them anything other than that I’d stumbled and fell. Even my mum didn’t seem to care. When my dad had been drunk he had done terrible things to my mom too. All she did was crying her eyes out. I wish I could do something about it.
At my thirteenth birthday my best friend disappeared. He didn’t show up to my birthday party and we all thought he was sick, but when my mom called, his mom said that he was gone. No one knew where he was. They never found him so the police came to the conclusion that he probably was dead. I still hope he is alive. Since they didn’t find his dead body there might be a chance. I am still looking out for him.
I was fourteen when my step dad came along. I think my mom fell in love with him at work. He had been her boss and now they were married. I liked him. He wasn’t always kind to me, but he wasn’t as bad as my dad. I still got bruises and such when he was drunk, but that didn’t happen so often anymore. When he wasn’t drunk he was absolutely great. We could sit and watch television together. He held both me and my mom. Sometimes he even kissed me goodnight.
The worst thing that could happen after all those things was that my step dad’s daughter decided to join us when I was fifteen. She is a pain. She was one year older than me and she still is. The first thing she did when she came to my school was to steal all my friends’ attention. They forgot me within a week and were totally into her. Some of the guys even got her to bed. She was a real nightmare. I think she thought she owed me or something, but I knew she didn’t.
Now I’m sixteen and my life will never be average again. I’ve lost many of the ones I loved and I live with people I will never like. That’s where my story begins.
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, and that's why they call it the present."
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